Snider TLC is committed to providing an exceptional service using quality products and horticultural practises, resulting in total customer satisfaction. 


Spring Clean Up

March - April

Power sweep sand and gravel from all lawn areas. 

  1. Dethatch all lawn areas. 

  2. Prune all plant material as required. 

  3. Cultivate all soil gardens to a depth of 5 cm. 

  4. Apply all necessary products, such as mulch, peat moss, manure etc. 

  5. Fertilize flowering shrubs and perennials. 

  6. Repair lawn damage due to snow removal as required. (extra) 

  7. Replace damaged shrubs due to winter kill as required. (extra)


Fall Clean Up

November - December

Summer Lawn Maintenance

May 1- October 31

All lawn areas to be cut as growth requires and not less than 5 cm. 

  1. All trimming to be done when grass is cut. 

  2. All lawn areas, shrubs, trees and roses to be inspected for insects, diseases weekly. 

  3. All flowerbeds, sidewalks driveways and curbs to be edged weekly. 

  4. All shrubs and evergreens to be trimmed as required. 

  5. All soil gardens to be cultivated, weeded, edged and cleaned weekly. 

  6. Vegetation control from crack and crevices to be completed as required. 

  7. Supply and install annual flowers as discussed. (extra)


Snow Removal

November - March

(Time & Material Basis)

  1. All lawn areas to be cut and trimmed as required. 

  2. All leaves to be removed from lawn areas and flowerbeds. 

  3. Remove and dispose of annual flowers. 

  4. Cut down and dispose of perennials. 

  5. String uprights for winter protection as required. 

  6. Install burlap sections and burlap wrap shrubs and evergreens for winter protection as required. 

  7. Mound roses for winter protection as required. 

  8. Install driveway markers to reduce snow plow damage where required.

  1. Salting

  2. Shovelling

  3. Plowing